(!) Initial cohort applications due: 30th July


Bunga Azaadi
Institute for Azadist Studies
A Sikh Think Tank


Statecraft, Economics and Politics

Coming Soon


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Simulated Reality

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Simulation Theory

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Climate Change

Global Warming and Alternative Energy

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Vichaar Repositories

Raajniti Vidiya

Study of Statecraft and Economics from a Sikh perspective

Khalsa Revival

Reviving, reinvigorating and re-engaging with Khalsa traditions. No Khalsa Raaj without the Khalsa!
A collection of Vichaars related to the status and philosophy of the Guru Khalsa.
Jhatka & Shikaar
Advocacy for one of the core traditions that define the Khalsa, as well as projects related to offering opportunities to practice. (Coming Soon!)

(Not Just) The Basics of Sikhi

Deeper Vichaars related to Sikhi. Write ups exploring how it relates to other philosophies, the power of Myth, Jungian archetypes, symbolism and an advocacy for non-literalism
Studying Itihaas, not so much as a literal retelling of chronological events, but more so as a vessel for wisdom. This repo is about exploring the mythological elements of Itihaas and extracting the key lessons from Sakhis. (Coming Soon!)
"God" in Sikhi
A deeper look at what "God" is in Sikhi, moving away from simplistic and inaccurate categorisations like monotheism and identifying the implications of the non-dualistic interpretation of Ik Onkaar. (Coming Soon!)
Vichaar Vidya
This repository hosts Vichaars about Vichaar itself. This includes topics on how best to conduct Vichaar to uncover knowledge and dispel ignorance.

More Coming Soon

Outputs not so related to Raajniti Vidiya Coming Soon. Follow @bunga_azaadi on Instagram or sign up to our newsletter to stay updated (links at the bottom of this page).


Bunga Azaadi (Institute for Azadist Studies) is a Think Tank set up to discuss, debate and do the necessary Vichaars to apply a Sikh perspective to the modern world. With the rapid rate of innovations in technology and a constantly changing geo-political landscape, it is imperative that the Guru Khalsa Panth is conscious and evaluating the world around us to keep up to date. This Think Tank forms a network of individuals passionate about using Sikhi to inform our positions in order to navigate these changing times and make informed decisions moving forward. We hold a particular emphasis on statecraft and economics and use the Sikhi based political-economic ideology of Azadism as a foundation for our Vichaars.



Due to the nature of the discussions that will take place, membership is limited and vetted. This is to ensure information security and commitment. We also require a base level understanding of topics and an ability to be able think critically. All prospective members of Bunga Azaadi must complete the following steps:

(01) Application Form

The application form will test your ability to commit time and effort to grapple with the subject area. Therefore, as part of the form you will be made to write short summaries of each section of the Azadist Manifesto. More info on the form page (click "Apply" below).

(02) Video Interview

In addition to discussing your summaries, this will be an opportunity to tell you more about how it works and what you can get involved in. Can also ask any questions you would like to know before joining.

(03) Offer / Rejection

After this, you will be informed whether you are successful or not.