Sikhs & AI

Artificial Intelligence from and for a Sikh perspective
Sikhs & AI Conference

Sikhs & AI Conference


Bunga Azaadi is interested in hearing the Sangat's views on the topic of AI. Please consider answering the following poll questions which will help us gauge your opinions on this topic:

For humanity, is AI a net positive, negative or undecided?

Do you think AI puts Sikhi at risk?

Is AI sentience inevitable?

Should AI be used for developing weapons or military purposes?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already here. Should the Panth ignore it and simply continue to play catch up? Bunga Azaadi believes that Sikhs and Guru Khalsa Panth needs to reconcile with this topic seriously NOW if we don’t want to be blindsided by the latest innovations. Therefore, it is crucial to explore the potential threats of AI as well as any opportunities we can leverage to promote Sikhi and progress towards Khalsa Raaj.

Bunga Azaadi is a Sikh Think Tank working to create a knowledge base for the Guru Khalsa Panth so that can be better informed and able to utilize our Vichaars for the advancement of Sikhi and to make Khalsa Raaj Pargat througout the world. To view our Vichaar Repository, visit

Bunga Azaadi hosts regular Darbars every month for its members. This conference is the first of our public Darbars available for Sangat to attend. If you would like to join the Bunga and get involved in our private Darbars, then again visit for more info.