Azadist Manifesto
Audiobook/Podcast Version

Understandably, these days who has time to read books? Very few. However, this shouldn't deter you from receiving the information laid out in the Azadist Manifesto. Based on some Azadism Webinars that were run in 2022, the following links host narrations of the Manifesto for your convenience.

As of 06/06/24, each part will be released episodically each week on Saturdays.

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Azadism introduces a framework to promote the flourishing and prosperity of existing and/or hypothetical States. The Azadist Manifesto outlines the political-economic philosophy of Azadism as a Sikhi-based alternative to authoritarianism and central-planning.

Combining both Sikh principles and Economic theory, the Azadist Manifesto aims to bring these concepts to the attention of the Guru Khalsa Panth and the wider Sangat so that we may form appropriate strategies to establish Khalsa Raaj. This is an attempt at outlining a detailed vision of what Azaadi looks like when applied in reality and its eventual full implication.


Initially released in late 2022, these recordings have been remastered to improve audio quality and to promote the work to Bunga Azaadi’s newer audience. It has been AI-enhanced using Adobe Podcast for clearer and better audio quality, as well as edited to remove a lot of the “Umms” and filler words. The speed of narration has also been slowed slightly to help aid with clarity as well.

Additionally, these recordings are based on a set of “Azadism Webinars” originally conducted to read through the Manifesto live and answer any questions in those sessions. Therefore, there may be some slight differences between sections in sound due to different mic conditions when recording and also because of glitches in the AI.

If you would like to read along and see the additional notes/references, then the whole manifesto is also available for free at

A paperback version is also available to order via the website.